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Universal Human Relevance System. Only part of the site known as Clickworker where you can make any money. Once the much better and higher-paying version of MTurk, the horrific site run by Amazon where they pay you exactly two cents to outline a license plate that will take you twenty minutes.

Since the site's been flooded by more online workers, some of the quality of the hits has since gone down. Known frustrating errors include: hits with unfair spam checks, hits with no spam checks at all, impossible hits, oddly easy hits, confusing hits, and ACTUALLY GOOD HI - oh no, you blinked! It's gone in ten-and-a-half seconds mysteriously!
However, that won't stop desperate young people like this author from pursuing them herself.
Poor Millennial At Home: Hey! Did you see that new hit on UHRS today called Question-Answering-Duplicate-Relevance-Query? It pays EIGHT cents a hit!
Poor Millennial's Friend: Yeah, but it's broken. There are unfair spam checks.
Poor Millennial At Home: Damn. Well, I'll work on it anyway, report it, and then get banned. Maybe the nonexistent team who receives these reports will be back from their five-year break at the vending machine.
by user_1997 July 17, 2017
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