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Girls who exist within a uhill existence of meaninglessness. A potential cause for this boredom, no attractive girls reside here. Although there are many posters however, as most girls are sluts . Even this does not compensate, they become popular, as the males attempt to impress the best goods on the market. All girls are shallow and often judgmental or mean. Most are desperate for action or excitement. The uhill effect suppresses some of these feelings, but they are still left with an emotional hole.
In the existence of a uhill, uhill girls shall act like hos and try to criticize each other to make themselves look better. All are dull. In unusual circumstances, uhill girls can exist without a uhill. They are desperate even when they do not realize their uhillian existence.
by Frederick! Chop him! January 03, 2014
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A group of girls with misguided intentions. Many are sluts. Uhill derives from a particular place (town) in which these girls are particular populous. Many act like sluts.
uhill girls who dress like sluts as they do not know better. They have no meaning to greater things or goals
by Heizendolphin January 03, 2014
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