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another, more creative way to call someone ugly... "ug" from the word ugly and "mug" from what many people in w.o. NJ call each other.
Damon: B*tch who u talking to?
Zinani: I'm talking to you with your ugly ass!
Damon: Who you calling ugly you ugmug?
by Bonert June 16, 2008
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Defined as a female that needs a bag over her head 24/7.
ex. 2 - "damn look at that hoe she got a ug-mug"
by TheNastyOne82 May 08, 2011
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An "ugmug" is an ugly mug, i.e., an ugly face.

This word can be used both as an insult, or as a facetious comment towards a friend.
I miss your ugmug.

You have such an ugmug.

Ugmugs are everywhere!
by Jared Krauss May 22, 2011
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