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A mythical creature that slaps woman as they sleep rendering them unattractive. Sister of the girl fairy.
Guy 1: "See that girl over there?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, she looks like she got slapped by the ugly fairy.'
by Michelle Barr April 20, 2008
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The Ugly Fairy is the “Great Equalizer” in the game of military deployments. The Ugly Fairy is always there to meet all of the Iraq Cinderellas, Iraq Princesses, Guantanahoes and every other CHUD, Troll, Chupacabre and Ogre posing as gorgeous women.
You will find the Ugly Fairy on the return flight or even on the ferry to Leeward smacking those bitches across the chops with her Ugly Stick. Some especially evil transgressors are sometimes smacked multiple times. Once this has happened, there is justice and universal balance is restored.
Army Dude 1: Hey, get a look at that!
Army Dude 2: What happened? Five minutes ago she was so beautiful.
Army Dude 1: Yeah right… Looks like the Ugly Fairy smacked that bitch.
Army Dude 2: Like about fifty times……
by weatherbeatenghettobooty May 14, 2008
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