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In Pig Latin, uckfay ouyay itchbay means "Fuck you Bitch.) Often used amongst friends who are familiar with the rules of Pig Latin (generally teenagers, new parents, single Moms, single Dads) essentially anyone who is attempting to hide and/or mask their curse words. Examples of such efforts: out of respect for other people and/or to refrain from punishment for the use of perceived atrocious language. That is perhaps taking for granted the person or people listening don't know or understand Pig Latin.
Rebellious teen: "Mom, would it be ok to stay the night at Ashley's house?"(Insert obnoxious tone, used to beg for permission) "Please?"

Mom (who wasn't born yesterday): "Remind me... is this the Ashley who's traveling through Europe with her parents right now? I'm quite certain you aren't planning on flying to Europe tonight. Nice try."

Rebellious teen: "Do you have the whole town on speed dial?Jeez."
(Teen thinks another lie will solve this issue, so she can stay at Tommy's house instead.)

Mom retorts: "Right, I also heard that you've been hanging out with that older boy, Tommy. He has a reputation for having Herpes (amongst who knows what else.) So you aren't going to see him tonight. I'm on to you."

Rebellious teen: "uckfay ouyay itchbay - (and pretends to cough.

Mom: "What was that dear?"

Rebellious teen: "I was just practicing my German. I said that your hair looks pretty."

Mom: "Oh...thanks. Pig Latin is still around? I remember those days."

Rebellious teen: "Oh itshay." (Meaning 'Oh shit')
by pissed_off_unicorn April 07, 2017
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