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The most UBER game of all UBER time!!!!
guy1: Hey man what is that amazing game you are playing?

guy2: Only the UBERest game EVAAAA!!!!!!

guy1: And what is that???

guy2: UBERSTRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by m-dog333 July 17, 2011
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UberStrike is a huge, online game. Like all online games, it is unbelievably addictive. When you’re hunched over your laptop with your headphones on, you feel this euphoria sweeping over you. Doing the mindless activities of jumping around, shooting people, and hacking them down with ball bats is incredibly addictive: when you’re playing, you want to do nothing else, and you mask the feelings of guilt that you have because your grades are slipping and you engage in none of the productive pre-UberStrike activities that made you feel like a worthwhile human being. There is no cost to play, but that is the bait. Once you get on it, you want all of the pay-only items, so you waste all your free time filling out scam offers and surveys just to get some worthless virtual weapon. Unfortunately, my obsessive playing encouraged my brother to start, and he was soon addicted. We were sitting on the back stoop one cold afternoon, (our mom had chased us off the computer) and were lamenting what losers we turned into. We knew it was destroying our lives, but we still didn't want to give it up. But right then and there, we made a joint pact to quit UberStrike cold. We quickly rushed inside while the feeling was still strong, and we uninstalled UberStrike from both computers. Praise be to God that the victory lasted. It has now been about four months, and neither of us have ever touched the stuff again. But my warning to everyone else out there is DON'T EVER START PLAYING ONLINE GAMES!
Brother: When are you going to finish that homemade Nerf gun in the garage.

Me: (furious clicking sounds from me on UberStrike) Uh, Uh, I'm in the middle of a game. Come back in a few minutes. (That @#$%^&, jerk, where did he get a Mythic Edge Sword!)
by DartSlinger July 30, 2013
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