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To overreach and defeat oneself by seeking to do too much. By trying to go that extra mile, all the previous hard work is undone and the individual is left feeling humiliated.

This is often seen after an evening of drinking when, fuelled by dutch courage, one feels it necessary to take a gargantuan toke on the reefer. Such foolhardy bravado can rapidly lead to an alcohol-induced whitey - the most dangerous kind. In the case of chasing young ladies, males may get so desperate for some action that they uber-gag (one too many phonecall) and blow any chance they once had.

The more desperate one becomes to achieve a particular goal, the closer one gets to uber-gagging and the more likely it is to happen. Consequently, there is a point of no return, after which the uber-gag is guaranteed to occur. In situation like this, one option is to attack the uber-gag head-on, ignore the impending issues and revel in the unadulterated moment of excess. The resulting positive vibe has been known to greatly reduce the negative physchological effects of the uber-gag and is always likely to elicit a cheer from anyone in the vicinity.
In an attempt to go sub 2, the Colonel uber-gagged on his final yard visit and suffered some serious fizzback.
by Alastair November 19, 2003
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