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very stupid.

see n00b newb

embroidered version of newb, descending from n00b.

Lily: 100 divided by 20, thats 0.2 right?
Alice: you uber newb.
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'Uber' is a German term that's become popular by people in North America (and perhaps other regions, I wouldn't know because I only live in North America). While it really means "above" or "superior to", people use it to mean "very". 'Newb' is the truncation of "newbie" an internet term generally used to describe people who are inexperienced in the workings of the site they are currently on, or with a computer game, but it's gaining popularity offline, and can refer to people who are new to anything. In the context that I use it below, it is both referring to the said person's developing understanding of the specific site, as well as their limited knowledge of literary and poetry work. The inclusion of the prefix "uber" meant that they seemed less certain of things than is usual of the average newb with the same amount of exposure to the website.
"If you're into poetry try Rudyard Kipling, or check out my poems."

"I can't find your poem called Rudyard Kipling. I can only see the most recent poems on the front page. How d'you find the rest?"

"Wow, you're like an UBER-NEWB, huh?
If you want to see the rest of my poetry, you click the button 'Gallery' right below the five poems that are on the front page.
And Rudyard Kipling's a poet, not the name of one of my poems."
by Annoyed forum addict. October 28, 2005
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