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Similar too noob and ubernoob, just the 13375p34k leetspeak form of it. Someone who is being dumb. A person that while having skills, is just being stupid and teamkilling. Someone who is a really horribly playing noob.
Damnit, Church got teamkilled by that ub3rn00b, Caboose.
by BobToms October 08, 2006
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someone who thinks they know shit
ub3r n00b:i use linux all the time
M4Xx0rrr:cool, what distro are you using?
ub3r n00b:umm... distro 1
by M4xx0RZ May 09, 2005
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Leet speak, meaning Uber Noob
uber, meaning super.
noob meaning 99.8345340969% of dalnet.
<Guest12546> hi,u got the serial code 4 linux?
<^dox^> shaddap ub3r n00b
by ingannilo November 15, 2004
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