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Uamuina is a funny guy who is known by quite a number of people and doesnt even know it. He's very cute, charming and brings joy to the people around him in sorrowful moments. He's considered a lucky charm to many and is not to be underestimated, because his ability to succeed majourly eventually crushes his haters. He is hard working and generally intelligent. Although he might not admit to any of the above, that is what he is. He is quite attractive and attracts attention with that gorgeous smile of his and doesnt even know it. He has a playful nature, but that usually comes in handy.
Jane: Is that Uamuina? Yooohhh gents that glow up!
Piitches: Whaaaats. You didn't know? He has BEEN looking like a 5 cent .wow!
Lya: All I'm saying is, stop playing with fire😹πŸ”₯
by GirlwholovesSantie May 24, 2018
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