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"uCry" is the name of a clan of players in the Call of Duty online network, founded by an original group of 4, that specializes in using whatever tactics necessary to win a Team Deathmatch, which makes bitch made ass players on the other team mad, causing them to "cry", complain, and whine, resulting in the uCry Clan calling out and making fun of those bitch made ass players that "cry", complain, and whine about opponents who camp, snipe, use shotguns, use C-4, cry about how it is bullshit that they died and their opponent didn't during a shootout, or whatever reason possible in the world of Call of Duty that causes these crybaby douches to cry. Often, these crybabies are "self-proclaimed" better players than the uCry members since the douches sometimes tell uCry members that they suck. This brings even more joy to uCry Clan members. The uCry Clan doesn't care about KDR's or prestiges, might not be the best clan out there, but they play the game with non-crying itegrity while honoring the tradition of the of the uCry clan, win or lose. Instead of crying about campers, the uCry Clan will find the campers and murk them. Instead of crying about shotgunners, the uCry Clan uses their own shotguns to murk them. Instead of crying about shit, a uCry Clan member keeps playing and puts the f***ing smash on folks. Anybody can get it.
Douche C.O.D opponent: "You guys are a bunch of campers! That's the only reason you won! You suck!"
uCry Clan member: "Shut the f*** up you f***ing crybaby! How long have you been playing this game? You're still crying over stupid shit?"

(In the lobby, after the match is over) uCry Clan member: "All you guys do is cry during the match when I kill you. Quit your f***ing crying and play.
Douche C.O.D opponent: "You only have a 1.12 KDR. You suck."
uCry Clan member: "I don't give a shit. We f***ed up your bitch made ass team. Wipe your eyes you clowns."
by JP-55 May 15, 2013
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