it mean knotless … or braids
i got 30 …30 what …$ ….knotless
by annawithdafatbutt June 14, 2021
braids well people use it for a different definition who knows what it means ???? it’s everywhere what is the meaning of knotless??
knotless braids???
You mad hoe,, knotless, when someone say something but you want knotless
If u watch the TikTok video of the girls that’s anted know but she only wanted it for 30$ but she kept sayin knotless
by Torieyvette.__ July 3, 2021
A conversation between a hair stylist and another lady that ended up as a funny meme💅🏾
Girl: "How much for knee length, medium?"

Me: "$80 hair provided"

Girl: "i got 30."

Me: 30 what

Girl: "$, knotless."

Me: "umm.. i dont do knotless and if i did they wouldn't be $30."

Girl: "well i want knotless."

Me: "okay i dont do knotless. I can refer you to somebody."

Girl: "stop playing on my phone. Are you doing my hair or not."

Me: "okay clearly we aren't on the same page here... I do NOT do knotless, would you like for me to refer you to somebody??"

Girl: "who are you talking to? Very unprofessional smh this what i get for trying to support black people."

Me: "uh okay."

Girl: "well i want knotless. Knotless please.


Girl: "U mad hoe Knotless"
by Alise the alien July 26, 2021