A highly effective comeback to someone who gets triggered by words on a screen and starts to argue with you on social media. It shows the other person you are calm and don't care, while suggesting you are worried about how not good they appear. It is most effective when used later in the argument-- hit em with a few replies that you know will get them emotionally invested (can make up facts if that helps). When their responses get the longest, that's the time to hit them with "U good?" (Once you use it, keep replying with it or variations of it - i.e. U gud?/U okay?/Lol..you gud?)
Not Good Person: "WRONG! You obviously don't know what you are talking about, why don't you do a little research before spewing that nonsense. We literally have pictures of Mars you moron!"
You: "U good?"
by Linklage January 14, 2022
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