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Portmanteau of "Typo" and "Misunderstanding"

Used to describe a typo that spiraled into a misunderstanding between two or more people.
Guy: Yeah, so what I want written down is, "There are calibration points"

Girl: Oh.... okay. Could you please describe what the calibration points are? Maybe we can use something along the lines of, "There are adjustment points for fine tuning?"

Guy: We do NOT calibrate PRINTERS. We do NOT calibrate RULERS. We do NOT calibrate COMPUTERS. We do NOT calibrate PRESSES.

Girl: Yeah... I understand that, i'm pretty sure we have stickers on the presses that say "calibration not required". But you know what, you've been doing this longer than I have, so i'll just use that as-is: "There are calibration points"

Guy: I'm so sorry! It all makes sense now, what I meant was: "there are NO calibration points" It was all just a typostanding.
by azntiger954 October 13, 2016
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