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Tyja was born and raised in Chicago,Illinois. She is bipolar, and funny. She's always grindin' somebody up, and she never backs down from a fight. She is always smiling to let these hoes and niggas that she dont give 2 fucks! Tyja is a very cool person, she's down to earth and she cherishes her moments. Tyja is liked by a LARGE group of people, and she's outspoken. She's short with the height of 5'3, hair is always on fleek... and she is mostly covered in designer! Bitches don't like her because of how many of the hoes she can get in a hour. and because they just can't be like her. She is SUPER CRAZY and she goes so all of the fefes (parties) every weekend. Tyja keeps it moving after a relationship, she's loyal ! But she is also an A-1 pimp! A pimp name slick back. She don't need FRIENDS or NIGGAS. She roll by herself. She is very anti-social... And she is very choosy about who she fucks with. She always is using profanity, but you'll get used to it. She has a crazy ass accent, but it's cute though.She don't talk to the goofies and her personality is out of this world. She may be a single motherfucker, but her ass hella fat! AND HER FACE IS HELLA CUTE (babyface ass). She is spoil and smart. Plug Daughter. She don't care about what people think, and she just keep it 10000000 . SO if you ever meet a Tyja , KEEP HERRRR !
Tyja is a motherfucking BEAST!
These hoes be hating on Tyja just because she's bad asf.

Tyja ass is fat ass hell

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No Goofies Allowed On Tyja's Page
by Adj. Ty-ja May 14, 2015
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