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Someone who can be nice as pie one minute & a backstabbing bitch the next.
I was shocked to see the two-faced bitch in Marla come out at the bar. She was really nice to one gal & as she turned away, & whispered to me how "I can't stand that bitch." She was being a two~faced bitch!
by Starchylde June 07, 2016
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1. a girl who displays both qualities of an amiable friend and a cold-hearted bitch while interchangeably switching between both moods.
If you're reading this definition and know who you are, you're a two-faced bitch who doesn't deserve my friendship!
by find_me February 13, 2005
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a two faced bitch is a female who yew think is your friend and yew tell her everything then her hoe ass goes around and tells everyone all yo cool-aid
i told paisley all my business think'n she would keep her big fat dick suckin lips shut but boy i was wrong she told just about the whole school and i wanted to beat her ass she is a two-faced bitch!!
by jellie96 December 15, 2009
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One minute they are your friends, but then decide to follow the crowd and try to bring you down.
august 2009:
Mary: Omfg your my best friend rachel! i love you and i always will.
Kathy: Me too i love you rachel dearest!
Rachel: Omg same here ily mary and kathy!
Savvy: Wow..
October 2009:
Mary: Your such a bitch but i cant tell you what you did because you know. you slut.
Kathy: i saw that razor. you should just kill yourself.
Katie:I do not know what i did!!
Savvy: Mary , kathy you guys are twofacedbitches
by [prohmise] October 19, 2009
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Definition: someone who is way too dramatic and cold hearted and does not care who they hurt and tells you one thing but does another. Bitch
example: Aryanna is a two faced lying person and is cold hearted and does not take other peoples well being into consideration.
omg ale did you see that two faced bitch, reminded me of aryanna
by nodramazone September 07, 2016
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