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a person that is seeing two people at the same time.
You are such a two timer! Never go out with 2 guys at once you whore!
by trancemaster365 November 20, 2006
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When you make love once then go to sleep; wake up in the middle of the night and have to do it again!
"Again?!? Brandon, you're such a two-timer!"

"That first time was incredible, let's make this a two-timer!"

"My, what stamina you have, you must be a two-timer!"
by Rach4GA May 29, 2017
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N. Deceptive ice-hockey shot where a player deliberately misses a quick shot from a pass and then blasts a shot with a second swing of the stick.

Nice miss Jacques!

No, no! It was the two-timer. I meant to do like that.
by gnostic3 January 01, 2015
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