To use multiple communication outlets to reach your intended target. If someone isn't responding by text, facebook, ecetera, you use a secondary form to get their attention.
Two prong? Seriously? I didn't answer my phone and now she's all up on my Twitter. relentless
by RachJ January 9, 2015
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An expression used by a guy to describe being in a situation in which he is the only man in an area full of women. Usually refers to a situation in which he is not happy to be amongst many women. Expression comes from the fact that a power cord with three prongs looks like it has a penis, while a power cord with two prongs would look more feminine in comparison. The three prong plug would not fit into a two prong outlet, as the man does not belong in this female happy zone.

Examples would be his girlfriend/wife dragged him to a chick flick, and he was the only guy; or his girlfriend/wife dragged him to a concert that was a person only women are fans of; or when she drags her guy into a store especially for women like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret.
Boy let me tell you, last night was a nightmare. The wife really wanted to go see some movie so I took her and I mustve been the only guy in the whole room. Talk about being a three prong in a two prong world! It was horrible!
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. November 28, 2010
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