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refers to a man hanging from a tree as in the old Western USA. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
While he waited for the jury's verdict, he was twisting in the wind.
by TexasWicca February 28, 2005
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Where you yourself is in an EXTREMELY BAD
situation that makes you wonder if you'll
get out of it with your ass either intact
or injured but intact...
With no help from ANYONE... EVER.

(See up shit creek, screwed, fucked up, and screwed six ways till Sunday.)

Imagine a small piece of metal in a
F5 tornado.

Now, imagine yourself in a social situation
that is equally like the F5 tornado and you
being the small piece of metal.
A guy lends his credit card to a relative to
help her out. Said relative runs up the limit
to card, and commits credit fraud. Guy gets
stuck with the bill, and is facing $15,000
owed for purchases he didn't make. Relative
chooses toskip town while the guy tries
to pez out every crying dime to said bill
before the po-po and the courts make him
Bubba's playmate for being a credit criminal.

However, the store cameras did scope out
the scenery and backed his claims, and
now the relative is up shit creek.

Both parties went twisting in the wind for
that one!
by CDSmith1967 April 09, 2009
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