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The extrasensory perception and communication shared only between twins.
My twintuition tells me my sister is not having a good time on her date. I should call her and create a lifeline call.
by Twinny1985 May 10, 2009
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When twins finish each others sentences and/or thoughts. It also can be used to describe shared feelings.
Me and my twin sister had twintuition the other day when she finished my joke.
by Usul May 23, 2007
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The identical Twin-like similarity between two people not related by blood, but so eerily so similar in mind processes to be referred to as Twins (identical)
“I was talking to Nic earlier about the her situation, and El’s Twintuition kicked in and she happened to call to see what was going on!”
by MCC2040 and ZWineNinja June 09, 2010
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