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Coming from the combination of the words "twig" and "cigarette," it is either a spliff or a joint packed into an emptied cigarette.
Step 1: Empty the tobacco from an American Spirit or the cigarette of your choice by gently squeezing while twisting it between your thumb and pointer finger. Know your finger strength - do not tear the paper because it will be what you will be smoking out of shortly. DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE TOBACCO IF YOU ARE ROLLING A SPLIFF (this really should go without saying).
Step 2: Empty Blue Dream or the weed of your choice onto your workspace, pick out the twigs and seeds, if it is not already ground grind it by whatever mechanism you have to do so - we prefer our hands.
Step 3: Infuse the tobacco with the Mary Jane on a rolling paper or whatever paper is available to you.
Step 4: Grab both sides of the paper and fold hotdog style.
Step 5: Tilt the paper to pour the mixture back into the empty cigarette.
Step 6: Pack the mixture down with a bobby pin or whatever packing tool is accessible to you.
Step 7: If there is unfilled paper at the top of the cigarette then twist it to close it off.
Step 8: Light it.
Step 9: Smoke dat twigerette.
by Nikee & Taja September 02, 2013
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