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A bastard combination of the word 'tweet' and 'help'. A very poor excuse for a word, even for English. The only use of the word so far is when someone tweets Best Buy's aptly named Twelpforce via Twitter for tech questions, product support, etc. Retarded words like these could be ignored completely if all of the supposedly clueless 40-somethings out there would learn how to Google their tech problems instead of pretending that they're unable to comprehend things that their 7-year-old can understand on their own.
Guy 1: Dude, wtf is twelpforce?

Guy 2: I dunno, but it sounds like something I would buttrape.

Guy 3: Why, yes, Guy 2, I think that's what I heard.
by seΓ±or983475 August 16, 2009
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The act of ejaculating/throwing onto neighbors property.
such as a door, pillow, toothbrush, cell phone, or anything of theirs.
Last night my roommate Twelped on the neighbors door.

Did you Twelp on my keyboard?

Someone Twelped on my door last night!
by The "Ales" October 05, 2009
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