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Reminiscent of a speed freak (aka: the tweeker) it is one who's OCD about memorializing everything they do at any given moment on Twitter; that is, one who tweets incessantly, constantly and/or needlessly.
(phone rings)
Candy: Hello?

Sam: Hey, babe! It's me. Just callin' to see what you're doing tonight. Wanna go out?

Candy: Wait a sec...(tweets this call)...check me out on Twitter. I just twatted you (giggles).

Sam: Uhhh...I'm driving right now...I'm not at a computer.

Candy: Oh that's ok. Check it out when you get home. Seeya (CLICK).

Sam: What the f...?! I gotta dump that Goddamn, tweetfreak!
by Tenacious Faulker May 02, 2009
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A person who is addicted to twitter. Creates 20 or more tweets a day on average. #_toodrunktocum is considered a tweet freak for example.
I tweeted like 21 times today..

Omg youre such a tweet freak.
by tfIneedahandlefor? December 13, 2016
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