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a person who in normal circumstances could be referred to as a "douchebag" but who has stepped up their game and become a full on twatwash. twatwash is the fluid that has rinsed out a twat that has been unwashed for decades.

twat wash is an industrial strength product, that surpasses anything a douche is able to do!! it's only used in severe cases! usually accompanied by a gas mask;(~

a person who is a twatwash can never not be a twatwash again. after being ordained a twatwash, you are forevermore known as a TWATWASH.

once the "wash" has hit the "twat" are a permanent twatwash. the reason for this is because there is no wash (on the market currently) to remove the nastiness from a twatwash once it's been used in a twat cleansing procedure. being referred to as a "twatwash" is the ultimate blow!! there is nothing lower on this planet than a living, breathing twatwash.

when you see a!! unlike when you're sprayed by a skunk...there is no removing the odor of a real-life twatwash once you're "douched" by one!! it is a life sentence of misery;(~
Anne: Have you seen Donna Walsh hitting me 24/7 in Fashion Battle? The girl has some major problems!! I think she might be in love with me or something!?? She's always rubbing on my leg in that game!! What can i do to get rid of her?

Mike: Anne, that bitch is a twatwash! You can smell her coming from miles away!! I suggest you put on your hazmat suit and head for the hills, cause that twatwash has mommy issues and loves riding a leg like no other!! Run!!!
by barbwirerope June 24, 2010
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