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1) The trauma experienced by rabid fans when their favorite star cancels their Twitter account.

2) Any major, bad news announced and/or broadcast on someone's Twitter page. Usually by an attention grubbing/starved celebrity, pseudo celeb or friend of a celeb.

3) The pain felt by Elmer Fudd's relatives when an anvil blow to the head finally kills him.
1) Miley Cyrus fans felt profound twagedy when she cancelled her Twitter account.

2) Janet Jackson is such a tweetfreak she had to be the first in her family to tweet the twagedy of her brother's death moments after the family was notified.

3) It was shockingwy twagic to wose Ewmer to an anviw stwike after he had taken so many hits for so wong in stwide.
by Tenacious Faulker October 22, 2009
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