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A fundamental particle of the tweaker universe consisting of those particles appearing to be twack, while not actually being twack. The investigation and characterization of new twacktons is an intensely active field of inquiry pursued by professional tweakers in the field; these researchers often spend many consecutive hours combing carpets and hard to reach crevices for discoveries. Too often, these efforts have poor yields. It is said by lead investigators that a periodic table of twacktons may exists and is almost within our understanding.
twackton samples may include: nail clippings, pieces of candle wax, bath salts, chalk, lint, broken glass, pebbles, hair follicles, morgellins, pure BDO, plastic scraps, epsom salt, table salt (especially the kosher kind), paper, anything partially translucent or in anyway solid, etc.
by Flaun September 19, 2010
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