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a meth user who is really proud of him or herself and thinks no one can tell they're high and acts animated. they know everything.
"You better let squeek fix the lawnmower or he'll go twackstar on you."
by Crys Crystopherson January 31, 2009
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A person who will annoyingly gasconade about the genius behind the concept of the chaotic disarray they caused while being told repeatedly to put down the pipe and take a break.
Brimming with confidence from the tweak, Kristen was seemingly proud when her boss screamed "they're all dead you delusional TWACK STAR wtf is wrong with you don't light that on fire"
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One who emmulates silver or gold medal status, while under the influence of crystal meth.
Friend says to the other " And here I thought him being without sleep for the entire week would catch up to him" as her eyes follow his twack star performance.
by Aphrodite2010 June 09, 2010
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A meth user who has been awake on methamphetamines for entirely way too long, they have not eaten or slept & think that everything is a conspiracy & that everyone is a cop. Twack stars usually have @ least 2 of the following items in their pockets:
lighter, charger's, cords of any sorts,flashlights, rigs, someone else's dope, @ least 3 or 4 cell phones & plenty of gadgets. Do NOT attempt to handle a twack star- they are a star because they are very good @ getting high Never trust a twack star because more than likely they're lying. A well known twack star is Charlie Lane of Morven, NC. He is considered armed with a twack pack & extremely confident that he has his girlfriend fooled into thinking he's a great guy. Say NO to meth, kids!
Oh my goodness, Hannah has been up way too long - she's acting like a real twack star!!
by Breezy Bradley May 09, 2019
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