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The act of loving a women so much, you're willing to insert your sausage into her back oven. Also can be used as a term for 'ethnics'.
"I love that Susan so much"
"Really? Any plans with her?"
"Actually, yes, I'm going to twaan her."


"Barry, get the shovel, those twaans are outside again."
by AlanTheAllKnowing September 26, 2013
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A really nice black guy, who loves video games and is really funny! Anyone who is to meet a Twaan is very lucky to get their hands on their very own comedian. He's very good at games, he teaches math and may just be the single, funniest person you can ever meet. He's very warm, calm and sweet. One of those people you wake up excited to talk to, and get sad when they have to leave to teach.
"I met a Twaan yesterday, I am the luckiest human being alive!"
"No way!"
by MrsEuphoria January 09, 2017
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