A Korean boy band made up of 5 talented and sexy guys who sing k-pop, j-pop, Acapella, etc.
TVXQ stands for Tong Vfang Xien Qi ^.~
by Em Gai Mai ^-~ April 2, 2007
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Nominated best junsu stan by tvxq and jyj cassiopeias back in 2018
Person- omg I'm the best junsu stan
Other person- have u heard of tvxqs?
by DB5K October 16, 2021
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originally a 5-member south korean boy group under sm entertainment - absolute legends, cannot be replaced to this day. after complications with the company, the group branched out into two groups: the tvxq duo and jyj.
Have you heard of TVXQ?
Yeah, I've heard their Japanese ballads. I can't choose a favourite.
As expected.
by accckkkk September 27, 2021
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