A recipe really:
1) Shave your balls
2) Moisten said balls.
3) Coat thoroughly said balls in powdered sugar.
4) Offer said balls to be tea bagged.
Tea bagging is one thing, but tea bagging someones turkish delights is a real treat.
by Ottawa House October 12, 2006
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When you have sex with a female while she has her period, you mix it up by putting your penis in the vagina and anus. Thus mixing pink & brown, like the chocolate; Turkish delight
to make the most out of her period, we had a turkish delight
by Fuzzy Smurf August 16, 2011
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A totally bad ass move where you are in the reverse 69 position (dude on top, throat plowin...) and you proceed to release a nice steamer on top of the chicks forehead.
Bro 1: Hey what'd you and that chick do last night?
Bro 2: I served her up a nice Turkish Delight.
Bro 1: You gonna call her?
Bro 2: Hell no.
by Born150 July 6, 2011
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When you cum in a girl's ass or pussy, leave your dick in her and then take a pee.
You shoulda seen the look on that skank's face when I gave her the Turkish Delight!!!
by Hrny Devil July 16, 2003
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A both surprising and fun way to have fun with your female lover. Before intercourse state that you must go out to get some condoms and lubricant, then place your own fecal matter into a brown paper bag and give it to her. Your partner will open it only to find a pile of feces inside, then take the bag and smash it on her head or face and scream, "Turkish Delight!"
I gave my girlfriend a Turkish Delight last night, I'll probably never see her again, but it was damn worth it.
by The Shotputters April 17, 2007
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One party inserts the tip of their tongue into the urethra, or 'Jap's Eye' of the male participant, which can be compared to the way one might eat a turkish delight.
Jane gave me a Turkish Delight last night.

For real?

For real.
by paulgaddrick January 30, 2010
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Often abbreviated to simply "Turkish"

adj. Rubbish, useless, worthless.
n. Excrement

From rhyming slang: Turkish Delight=Shite

see also pony barry white brad pitt eartha kitt et al
"I never drink in the Western, the beer's turkish delight"

"Pass me a copy of Razzle and the bong, Angelina, I'm off for a turkish, might be a while."
by Ultrahadeen April 30, 2008
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