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to polish the crap until salable. Usually applies to making something appear more desirable than it really is when in reality it is a steaming pile of fecal mass. Can be used in any situation involving making things that suck look less suckier and passing them off as being the coolest fucking thing on earth.
"Time for a new update, lets just apply some turdshine to the old release and charge them for the higher version number."

"Congressman 1: How can we pass this bill that fucks over Americans?"
"Congressman 2: Lets rename the previously failed bill and try to pass it again!"
"Congressman 3: We owe our paychecks to turdshine."
by theantilulz November 05, 2011
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The credit one receives for being brighter and cleaner than the turd next to one. Usually used to describe a man spewing less shit than his peers.
She only gave me a go because the guy next to us said he would take her to the seventh heaven; it's all turd-shine, I do not think she heard a word I said.
by Heidi Lehto June 14, 2018
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