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a piece-of-shit car. generally makes noise or gets poor gas milage.
"you goin' out tonight?"

"yeah, dave's comin' to get me in the turd gobbler."
by ghostfeller November 24, 2007
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A person or place that exemplifies the consumption of turds and related excrement
Alicia and Anji wanted to meet us at turdgobblers village, but we wanted to avoid the horrible stench and vulgarity of the place.
by Gnutmastuh August 13, 2003
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A person who enjoys a relationship involving scat.
"Man I met this chick who was really fine but when I brought her back to my apartment, I found out she was a complete turd gobbler! She tried to lick out my anus!"

"I hope nobody notices me gobbling these turds. If the truth gets out I'll be seen as a complete Turd Gobbler"
by Jim Hender December 13, 2007
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