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heavy rain that causes the turds of various animals to float out of your yard.
Yo dog, dat rain last night was a real turd floater!
by skeaton May 25, 2004
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Turd Floater refers to a septic tank backing up into one's yard whenever there's a big rainfall and the ground is saturated.
It came a real turd floater last night and more rain is on the way.
by Michele Dorwin March 28, 2006
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a very heavy rain in Gladewater Tx. that causes septic tanks to fill up and dookie to flow out
Jim Bob: Man, it came a turd floater last night. So don't wrestle in the backyard.

Joe Jack: Good idea, we'll wrestle in the front. Between the engine block and the washing machine.
by janitorman1981 March 10, 2010
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