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To shoot someone through a vehicle, usually a sport utility. Mostly done with a sub machine gun, or shot gun to the point that the driver and passenger side doors have massive gun holes in them. Used mostly in video game circles such as GTA4.
"Oh Balla, Thompson totally Tupac-ed that dudes car, ain't know way his ass is getting out of that alive"
by Lockhart May 17, 2008
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adjective: another way of saying "too packed." when one packs a fat bowl too tightly and it doesn't hit. you have to keep trying until it does. primarily occurs in bubblers and bongs, but can happen with some pipes, especially sherlocks.
stoner: here, it's your hit... but it's tupac-ed
stoner 2: what do i do?
stoner: just keep hitting it until it hits, man
by summerrollin December 23, 2012
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