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1) Any vehicle in the automotive community that has a reputation for having a performance-oriented modification-friendly platform. Typically, modification paths fall into one of two categories: either improving the engine's power output or improving the cars suspension/braking system. Examples of these cars in the US include the Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Dodge Neon SRT4, the 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs, and many pre-1974 "muscle cars" from US manufacturers.

2) Any vehicle in the automotive community that has a reputation for throwing a fartcan, body kit, and crap paint schemes on it (see also: rice or ricer) because performance doesn't mean shit as long as you look mAd tYte, y0!!! Signs that an owner of a car uses this bastardized definition include posting "tuner" videos that contain plent of civics with bodykits without a single engine bay shot or cardomain pages that make your eyes bleed when loaded.
1) I'd really like a Toyota Supra, but thanks to that retarded Fast and Furious movie, I have to consider a cheaper tuner car.

2) i cAn't wAt3 2 g3tZ h0m3 frUm da sKoOlZ, y0! mUh BoyEE pUt h1z t00ner ciViK wIt dA mAd tYte rImZ on yOUtuBe, y0!
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Tuner Cars are often mistaken for rice burners. However, a tuner car is usually built by someone with a real knowledge of car performance and aerodynamics (as opposed to a ricer, who knows how to make his car handle like crap and attract police attention)

Tuner cars usually have the latest performance enhancing devices, such as a Turbocharger, Sports Exhaust System, Performance ECU, Upgraded Engine/Suspension/Audio Systems, and the babe to go with it all.

These cars are driven by tuners, probably the best people you will ever meet (if you can stand their constant garble about car performance :P)
Wow, that Tuner Car (tuned) Skyline sounds and looks and goes a lot better than the ricer silvia I just saw.

Tuners > Ricers

I like ham and cheese.
by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004
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Tuner Cars are usually imports that have been modified after delivery from the factory to deliver increased performance or enhanced looks
See Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift those are tuner cars
by Brevard Tuner Car March 09, 2012
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At one time, a tuner did indeed mean someone who actually focused on performance for thier automobiles. now its a byword for riceboy extreme, used by those who are attempting to pull themselves out of the mire of trashy, goofy crud that the "import scene" has become. this is quite evident in the article above, where the schmuck mentions "audio" when discussing "performance upgrades". race cars dont have subwoofers, jackoff. have fun driving around whatever piece of shit ricemobile you happen to have.
me: you have 2 options: go back to watching fast and the furious with your pregnant teenage girlfriend, or i kill you on the spot. how dare you tarnish the reputation of automobile modders.
by Mac Sauce November 11, 2006
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noun, an economy car bought off craigslist by a financially misguided young man that is "tuned" to achieve slightly greater straight line acceleration and maximum potential lateral acceleration. notable features 1. are exhaust modifications that are loud yet particulary "untuned," as in creating various unpleasant low frequencies in steady, droning disharmony 2. disproportiately large rims bearing "low profile" tires 3. the hood of vehicle is often a different color than that of the other body panels 4. ride height of vehicle often altered. watch for scraping upon exit of hamburger drive-in.

Primary reason for good used honda civics being priced astronomically high, tuner cars have become an icon for the continued irresponsibility, entitlement, and egomaniacal behavior on the public road system of the US today. They have replaced muscle cars as a locus of blame in the grand scheme of percieved danger on the highway. While tuner cars, as inanimate object are obviously not at fault, they do symbolize effectively the continuation of the american inability to reconcile the conflict of ego versus landscape where the young man choses an ideal of control in response to deep seated emotional ignorance. see also motorcycle in regards to this part of def
Nice tuner car, dude. That's a real constructive use of both your time and precious metal alloys. Can't wait to see you out there on the road exceeding the social agreement of speed limitation! You will certainly beat a "stock" Honda Civic to the next red light in your tuner car. And that joker won't know what to do when he catches up and you both stare at each other, at the same red light, in the same reliable, sensible, safe, cute-as-a button compact japanese automobile.
by motorcycle god January 31, 2009
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