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The cream that forms around the outside of the vagina and the base of the penis after lengthy, sweaty intercourse. Generally a mixture of semen, female ejaculate, lubrication, spit.

Note: If menstrual blood is mixed in giving it a reddish tint, this is referred to as Manhattan tuna spread.
It's a good thing that Becky licked the tuna spread off my nuts and asshole after I fucked her, because I didn't have time for a shower before class.
by Ill Cyanide October 10, 2010
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When a girl sticks her finger(s) through her folds of her labia or all the way into her vagina and then smears the risidual batter on a guy OR girl’s mustache area/upper lip.
Guy says, “I was standing in a bar, when Kelly came up behind me and gave me a tuna spread; I think she really likes me.”
by Skysanteni June 05, 2018
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