A Yiddish phrase for worries, stress, or hassle.
Oy, Zelda, I don't want to be a kvetch, but I've got tsuris up to here.
by uclafalcon April 21, 2006
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Japanese word for "clickbait"

It's written in Japanese as "釣り" or "tsuri"

釣り (tsuri, really meaning "fishing") was adapted by YouTube Japan for people who makes their videos so curious that it purposely entices browsers to click on their video, only to find out that it's not what they expected to see. Within the comments sections of these videos, the browsers would leave a comment that says "釣られた" (tsurareta, meaning "you baited me"). Since the first use of it, 釣 (tsuri) was used by many Japanese people to use as the legitimate translation of "clickbait."

By the way, this word itself was not clickbait. You expected a definition, so here it is.
PDRさん「1. 釣り 2. つり 3. ツリー!」
English translation:
Questioner: "Top 3 ways on how to make a quick buck on YouTube?"
PDR-san: "1; tsuri. 2; tsuri! 3; TSURI!"
by AmatsuKitsune December 21, 2017
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