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a caring yet fierce independent girl that is very outgoing and bold about her ideas. she is very sweet and lovable but if you get on her bad side, she will be very cold towards you. she is very logical and loves to read (mostly fiction) books. if she finds something interesting she will look into it and try to understand it more.she thinks history is very intriguing. she loves adventure and takes risks just to feel the thrill. she is intelligent and very observant. she always keeps the ones she loves in her mind and you will probably have an influence on most of her decisions if you are an important person in her life. she can be a bit ignorant but trying to see things from all aspects of the situation. she will be loyal to you if she cares about you. she always keeps to her word and tries to move forward but she does not forget her past, whether it be good or bad. she loves her country and is very loyal to it. she will surely put a smile on your face with corny jokes and strange but enjoyable stories.
I met Tsinat a year ago and she is still a good friend of mine.
by Pheonix_inthe_forbidden_forest February 08, 2018
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