A fallacy that is perpetuated by people as an excuse for their lazy behavior following their diet-crushing Thanksgiving meal. Turkey has no more tryptophan than ground beef and, according to several sources, "tryptophan doesn't act on the brain unless it is taken on an empty stomach with no protein present, and the amount gobbled even during a holiday feast is generally too small to have an appreciable effect".
Instead, people should attribute their bullshit tryptophan coma to the large amount of carbohydrates and alcohol they consume that day... usually after a long drive to a relative's house that is hotter than normal because of the cooking.
by Trendon November 27, 2005
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The feeling of exhaustion one feels after Thanksgiving dinner - due to the large amounts of tryptophan ingested through overeating.
I'll see you the day after Thanksgiving, assuming that I've snapped out of my tryptophan coma by then.
by chickenjulie November 18, 2005
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Background:- Tryptophan is a precursor amino-acid: to serotonin. Bananas are supposedly a natural source. Serotonin, being understood mostly due to Prozac and the effects of MDMA on the brain.

A comatose state due to too much tryptophan at the synapses of the brain? Or comatose post-tryptophan overload?
I'm on a serious come-down after that pill; my head's gone into a tryptophan coma
by cosmic-antidust December 1, 2005
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