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A mixed african american man who is married to a spanish german girl . The combination must exist in order to create the value of being worth more then a million your worth a Tryillion .

Also Known from the album JURISDICTION made known and established in 2007 out of Florida crossing the boundarys of Washington.

In order to use the word to its apropriate meaning one must have the full benifit intailed above

requirments are

Male :
One Half african american desendent usually the stronger gene

Must be Married can not be a player must maintain same original wifey

Must have artistic ability usually generating in the vocals realm or the ability to write

Strengths must include the ability to commit ones self regardless of circumstances and surroundings


Must be

Spanish decent must be genuine in the spanish line can not be of hispanic or mexican desent south american spain ect true spanish blood

Must have a mixture of german or french

The ability to with hold the pressures of being a true wifey

must posses the ability to be a top notch bitch

When the combination of these are created and put together you have a new breed .

The babys created not only carry the urban roots formed by there fathers side but also the hips and the spanish blood is passed on thus creating babys worth more then a million them babys worth a tryillion .

These children will carry on what the parents started in most cases they will be tri lingual and posses the ability to speak in accents fluently they also understand urban slang as well as modern societys language .

Green Eyes are a dead give away and usual cararistics would be african hair thats extremly soft sily and almost unreal looking children carry the look at a young age and are born with a caremel complexion that is very light .

Twins tend to run in the gene once its formed as well as the likeness to ones own self most mates find them selves feeling as if they have married there sould mate
London & K.D met after close examination of there back grounds and genetics and there ability to communicate they relized they held a new standard and thus tryillion industrys was born .Jurisdiction was established and A new breed has been started .
by london&Desmon July 10, 2009
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