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the act of saying nothing appreciable, and then repeating it over and over, in pursuit of a political office
he spent the last five days trumpaigning and he never said anything new or meaningful
by i didnt know November 09, 2016
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Trumpaigning is when you campaign so hard that every news station in the country forecasts your opponent to win, but in the end you win by a landslide of the electoral college.
All of his Trumpaigning got him an unexpected win.
by Frank Reynolds; The Trash Man November 14, 2016
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Trumpaigning: Is campaigning for an elected political office in a manner that sets up the conditions for a perfect political storm that will propel the OPPOSING candidate to win the election by Trumping everything in the campaign.
If you have any desire to win this election then stop Trumpaigning everything you do and say? You sound politically ignorant, like a complete imbecile.
by Zoltar Speaks! October 12, 2016
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