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A particularly obvious and stupid hairpiece on a particularly obvious and stupid mantrumpè trumpee
Who does he think he's kidding about his hair - that Trumpé sticks out a mile!
by ibiwisi666 March 12, 2017
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It's like herpes, except that it's not sexually transmitted. It effects the brains of unsuspecting taxpayers who are susceptible to easy lies, blatant arrogance, and prone to wishing they could also lead a life of bad decisions yet still somehow view themselves as success stories. Much like Donald Johnson. Trump has done.
"hey. Have you heard from Thom lately?"

"no, not since he contracted the trumpes..."
by Buildingsea$ September 14, 2017
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Donald Trump's version of a toupee. Accent added solely because of how big of a dick Trump is. Trump probably named this himself as a marketing technique.
Old Man 1: Hey Eugene, I totally wanna get a toupwe just like Donald Trumps!

Old Man 2: You mean a Trumpè?
by Nugpon October 26, 2015
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