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Long ass story of a town. Contrary to popular belief we ARE NOT ALL RICH! Even though a lot of the kids act like they are. 1/2 live in tiny capes or ranches but they are covered in Tiffany & co., Hollister, Uggs, A & F, and Coach purces. Their parents drive Nissians, Volxwagons or the occasional Lexus or Mercedes. We DO NOT ALL DRIVE EXPENISVE CARS, most of the cars in the parking lot at the high school are old nissian altimas or maximas or old fords.
Most kids are Trumbull High completly deny that THS is part of a magnet school. They just call it Voag. and think it's the weird barn looking building up the road.
Most studetns deny that there are kids from other towns that go to their school.
Some of us are pratical and have jobs and not just those working behind a desk.
A lot of the Trumbull High sport teams think they are the shit and they are going to win everything even tho they are only average. The only things that win are
the we the people team
the yearbook
and the marching band
There are like 10% minorites in the school and half of those people are from other towns (even tho their fellow classmates won't admit they are from there). When minorites start fights all the white kids blame on the "Ag kids" even tho none of us would be stupid enough risking getting kicked out.
Not everyone wears A&F even though atleast 80% owns some peice of clothing from Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister or Aero.For the kids who are anit-these stores the pay just as much money for their skater shirts and sweaters if not more.
If you wear converse you are automatically labeled "emo"
If you wear addidas sandles wih socks you are one of many.
If you wear skater shoes they usually get your heels clipped in the hallways and your shoes fall of.
You have to repat A is for APlle, B is for Blueberry and C is for Carrott all during Freshman year.
Construction is a constant battle
The Yearbook is amazing and you can never remeber when a picture was taken.
Half of the girls' names are Ashley, Alyssa or Lauren
Hlaf of the boys' names are Micheal, Matthew, or John
"Where you from"
"Oh where's your A&F shirt"
"I don't like A&F"
"And you're from Trumbull????"

"What do you drive"
"A 1997 Dodge Neon"
"and you are from where?"
"why don't you drive a lexus?"

"Did you get the senior lounge at Trumbull High School"
"no we got an extension of the Commons"
"Isn't that what they were going to do in the first place?"
"That's what theywere doing all along"
"What's with the Senior Lounge then?"
"Stuck up seniors."
by lexii2 March 15, 2007
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