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1.) Adjective to describe someone who both trolls & is intelligent at the same time - in the way they do it.

2.) A person who did something that makes you shit bricks because it's so smart but fools others because they don't See what they did there

3.) An online troll that causes others to be breeding with their internet comments to correct them, but had a higher purpose and did so intentionally: such as to avoid litigation, get views, likes, comments, ad revenue, etc.

A thing done that may or may not be trolling everyone with misinformation (See Not+sure+if) but they did so either to get others to react a certain way or be deceptive to create a loophole to avoid detection by moderation. They sent a message that everyone could receive but only a select few would understand.
A girl uploaded the song "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger as Blink 182 's "I'm Not Sick but I'm Not Well " on Youtube. But she's girl's trolligent as got past their censorship & tricked a lot of people into making butthurt comments.

There was a long line for waiting to get into this club, until this trolligent guy screamed "Rabid Rat!" and half the crowd jumped out of line, so me and my braver friends could move forward.
by Jeydo C October 26, 2015
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