Vulnerable vagina victim, girls that have recently split up with their long term boyfriends and/or are having a tough time personally, making them easy pickings for the triple v predator to lure into bed
"Ian Beal had another one of those triple Vs round last night, I heard her crying"

"She split up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago so she is defo a triple V"
by Kurtamin October 08, 2014
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(noun, pl: Triple-V's)Mosty occurs when poaple want to describe an old an evil-minded woman. A stereotypical triple-V can often be found working at your local high school, as an english teacher. A triple-V usually whines for small issues.
-Omfg, check that woman out, she's really tacke, old, probably evil minded, omg omg, I'm glad I don't know her.

Me to, she's a real triple-V.
by Jhonssens January 23, 2008
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vaginal virgin till vows - a devout female who is saving herself for marriage but has no qualms about taking it up the butt
"Don't bother dude, she's a triple V, I mean unless you're into that..."
by ecookjr June 14, 2008
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