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A temporary relationship that lasts only for or shorter than the duration of the trip. Usually on school trips, either in or out of state. The common "triplationship" grows most often out of long amounts of time spent on buses or planes when two people are next to each other.

While no one is too sure why the "triplationship" occurs, it is usually characterized by the increased amount of time spent together as opposed to the other travelers and even sometimes physical contact.

The usual end of the triplationship is brought by the method of standard rejection (i.e. "I'm not ready for a relationship, I think we should be friends, etc.) with one party not really understanding why. The after effects of the triplationship range from completely awkward social avoidance to completely normal return to behavior before in the home environment.
"So does this mean you two are an item now?"
"Nah it was a triplationship, over before we landed."
by chouidog March 29, 2010
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