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trikki-(trik e)-adjective- clever, ingenious. someone who is trikki is able to make you admit things without you really knowing it or wanting to.
Sum Guy: Damnit how'd you get me to say that?
Catwoman: I'm trikki!
by Vazie's Friend May 07, 2006
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when somthing is tricky or confusing
when somthing goes wrong then its beeing trikki
somthing taht is complicated is concidered trikki
arrggg my computer keeps turning off on its own! ITS BEEING TRIKKI!

why are you looking at me lyk that! stop being trikki!

Muahahha im so trikki i outwitted you!

hey! dont make me go trikki on you!

man! i cant put this kinder surprise together its so trikki!

my shoe lace is being trikki it wont stay tied!

dude im tellin ya there all trikki! they're all purposly talking at the same time to confuse me!

my clothes is being trikki its magnitizing dirt so that i have to wash it!
by Daisi May 07, 2006
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