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Triigoogin (V)

The act of swallowing somebody's penis with your penis, Basically giving them a blow job with your penis. (First defined by Robert Benfer on Chaos Pony Episode 16)

To perform a triigoogin, you must follow these steps:

Step 1) Open your penis mouth up
Step 2) Swallow the other person's penis with your penis mouth
Step 3) Receive other person's cum
Step 4) Cum that cum out
Robert gave Mike a triigoogin last night. And he loved it!
by TotallyNotABot July 19, 2011
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When you swallow somebodies penis with your own penis
essentially given them a blowjob with your cock
Me: Hey Sam did you know Dan's gay?
Sam: No, how do you know?
Me: I just walked in on him giving Billy a Triigoogin
Sam: Day-am that's mess up G
Me: Stop talking to me
by Gareth GobbleCoque June 13, 2011
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