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People named treyquan are usually ugly individuals that resemble giraffes. They have peculiar long necks as well. They are also whores that just think about fucking. They also think with there penis rather than using their head.
Look at the neck stretching past the corner. Must be a treyquan.

Why do we have to go pick up this ugly ass girl instead of enjoying halloween?Because he's a treyquan.
by BigHardMike696969 March 19, 2017
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some dumby with mc d's in his passenger side seat in his 2003 Toyota Prius . this ugly kid smells like spoiled cheese

an wheres air Jordan that are to small for him . his hair makes him look like a makeup brush
John: dude Treyquan just did a barrelroll or the roof!
Kevin: what a dumby
by Jimmy460 June 15, 2018
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