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A trendo is someone who paradoxically emphasizes their individuality by doing what all the other "underground" or "artistic" people are doing. A trendo typically wears gaudy or mismatched clothing that was found at the local thrift store, broadcasts their support for social causes, listens to music that is not typically played on the radio but is still popular in its own "underground" sort of way, uses tattoos and piercings as self-representation, is or pretends to be environmentally-conscious, smokes cigarettes and uses drugs and tries to put off a disorganized or intellectual appearance. A trendo tries to exist independently of mainstream America but is basically reverse-dependent on what the average American is doing. For example, if the typical American citizen is a religious carnivorous patriot, the trendo would seek to become an atheistic vegetarian with anti-capitalistic tendencies. A trendo is not limited to any specific labels, albeit hippies, mystics, rock stars, vegans, activists or nerds. The uniting characteristic of trendos is that they do whatever is trendy outside of mainstream culture (such as MTV and designer clothing) and they want to make sure everyone knows about it. Trendos are poison to individuality because they exploit hobbies, causes, literature and music that nontrendos enjoy in an effort to seem cultured and sophisticated. The goal of the trendo is simply to assert their own superiority amongst others in a way that feeds their vanity and arrogance.
Friend: I went to a party last night at this guy's apartment. Him and his friends spent the whole night smoking Parliaments and talked about the Velvet Underground's contribution to rock and roll. I suggested we go out to eat but they had already prepared some Vegan eggrolls. Then they started watching a black-and-white speech delivered by a German postmodernist but I don't even think any of them spoke German.
Me: What a bunch of trendos.
by SuspectKmoney April 08, 2008
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